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One Dance

[Intro – Kyla & Wizkid:] Baby, I like your style [Verse 1 – Drake:] Grips on your waist Front way, back way You know that I don’t play Streets not safe But I never run away Even when […]

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Love Talk

My eyes align with you You’re on my side And I’m all truth She said I never lie You’re retd and I can I should show it more sometimes Some words won’t hurt A metaphor, our fight I’d […]

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Lying Again

I have lost all my sense of trust in you I shiver I still see you like a thousand suns That rivers My cool hot sick Don’t be quick to believe it Losing my grip As you went […]

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Giving Up The Ghost

We left our initials on some door I don’t know why You’re the only feeling I ignore Upon my high dive Wake and I find you ‘Cause I want to remind you of me I swear to God, […]

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I Just Imagined You

Are you careful? Are you gentle? Are you all you seem and more? Are you deadly? Are you honest? Do you keep it clean? You swore I was empty, I was lonely I was lying on the floor […]

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Between The Eyes

I lost my head this afternoon Trying to find the words to use Ooo, I said I thought of you You crept into my heart There must’ve been a side door Left unlocked She said I’ve thought it […]

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How Long Will This Last?

Maybe there’s a line that you crossed When you said my love was a lie People like you always want back What you gave them when it’s through When I think about it now I think it might […]

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Stranger Still

There’s nothing left for me to say to you And maybe I was wrong Maybe we got caught up Please believe me, I don’t wanna be a star I thought of you this evening Wondered how you’re feeling […]

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Let’s get my mucky self washed April is the cruelest month Insecure, fuzzy lines crossed Playful, I’m the coolest sun It’s fatal Oh, oh, oh, unfaithful It’s fatal Oh, oh, oh, unfaithful It’s okay, I didn’t do drugs […]

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Cool Like You

Cool like you To be or not to be, I feel my blues Cool like you Maybe it’s me, I just need something brand new ‘Cause I’m so tired of talking through you Uninspired Can’t ever let it […]

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I Can’t Stand It

There’s a passage in my mind The pocket starts of you And all the things that come with emotional ties Though memories do fade This heavy heart inside of me Hates that I said all those things to […]

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There’s A Reason Why (I Never Returned Your Calls)

I wanna know Since you’ve been gone Have I been on Your mind? ‘Cause I know I was for a while Late last night I saw you out For a moment I Turned to stone ‘Cause there’s still […]

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