Let Me Hold You


[J.D.:] Y’all know what this is
[Bow Wow:] This what you need to do girl…
[J.D.:] So, So, Def {Let me hold you!}

[Bow Wow:]
I been watchin you for a minute, come through here so sweet scented
In life girl you need me in it, I’m determined to win it
I know what you need, I know what’s wrong, I know how to make it tight
Everything will be all right if ya {Let me hold you!}
And introduce you to my world
And introduce you to the better side of life that you ain’t been seeing girl
I’mma show you where its at and I’mma show you how to get it
All you got do is be with it and {Let me hold you!}
Down like a real man’s supposed to
I never would have approached you if I ain’t have intentions on doing good
See dude you with is so fooled to me girl your so cool
And all I’m asking you to do is {Let me hold you!}
Down like a best friend, two homies in the game
When you cry I wanna feel your pain; no secrets, no games
All excitement, nothin’ plain; keep you happy, that’s my aim
And all you gotta do girl is {Let me hold you!}

[Hook – Omarion:]
In my arms in my mind all the time I wanna
Keep you right by my side til I die I’m gonna
Hold you down and make sure everything is right with you
You can never go wrong if you let me hold you
Down like a real friend’s supposed to
I’m trying to show you the life of somebody like you should be living
Ohhhhh, baby baby
You could never go wrong if you let me hold you

[Bow Wow:]
I’mma keep you up on what’s poppin’ and shake you fresh to death
When we hit the mall we can ball til theres no more left
I know you ain’t used to it but you gon get used to it
Cause that’s the only way I’m a do you and just {Let me hold you!}
All my homies think I’m trippin’ cause I got you a pad
See they just mad cause they ain’t get you; they ain’t get you
Scorpio is your sign and girl your so fine
And I would do whatever in no time – no shine
Its what your coming with but I’mma change all that
Rearrange that, put you in the Range all black
With the rims to match, phone attached
TV’s in the back, how you gon say no to that? Huh
Niggas look at me like now here you go really bout to blow some doe
But ain’t nobody did it before so why is you so go hold it
Cause I believe this was meant to be
I just gotta work at it like a crack addict up in rehab


[Bow Wow & Omarion:]
Down-down around, Atlanta-lanta, fa-found
And everybody know now what I’m tryna do
I say down-down around, Atlanta-lanta, fa-found
I’m just tryna get you to (Let me hold you)