nuthin but a g thang


1 2 3 and to the 4 snoop doggy dogg and dr dre is at the door ready to make an entrance so back on up cause you know were about to rip shit up give me the microphone first so i can bust like a bubble compton and long beach together now you know you in trouble aint nothing but a g thang baby two loced out niggas so were crazy death row is the label that pays me unfadeable so please dont try to fade this but um back to the lecture at hand perfection is perfected so imma let em understand from a young gs perspective and before me dig out a bitch i have to find a contraceptive you never know she could be earning her man and learning her man and at the same time burning her man now you know i aint with that shit lieutenant aint no pussy good enough to get burnt while im up in it yeah and thats realer than realdeal holyfield and now you hookers and hoes know how i feel well if its good enough to get broke off a proper chunk ill take a small piece of some of that funky stuffits like this and like that and like this and uh its like that and like this and like that and uh its like this and like that and like this and uh dre creep to the mic like a phantom meaning byamandah editor if leon haywoods i wanta do something freaky to you sounds familiar its because its sampled in nuthin but a g thang see all well im peeping and im creeping and im creepin but i damn near got caught cause my beeper kept beepin now its time for me to make my impression felt so sit back relax and strap on your seat belt you never been on a ride like this before with a producer who can rap and control the maestro at the same time with the dope rhyme that i kick you know and i know i flow some old funky shit to add to my collection the selection symbolizes dope take a toke but dont choke if you do youll have no clue on what me and my homey snoop dogg came to doits like this and like that and like this and uh its like that and like this and like that and uh its like this and like that and like this and uhand who gives a fuck about those so just chill til the next episodefalling back on that ass with a hellafied gangsta lean getting funky on the mic like a old batch of collard greens its the capital s oh yes im fresh n doubleo p d o doubleg y d o doubleg ya see showing much flex when its time to wreck a mic pimping hoes and clocking a grip like my name was dolomite yeah and it dont quit i think they in the mood for some motherfuckin g shit hell yeah so dre whattup dogg gotta give them what they want whats that g we gotta break em off something hell yeah and its gotta be bumpin city of comptonis where it takes place so when asked your attention mobbing like a motherfucker but i aint lynchin dropping the funky shit thats making the sucker niggas mumble when im on the mic its like a cookie they all crumble try to get close and your assll get smacked my motherfucking homie doggy dogg has got my back never let me slip cause if i slip then im slippin but if i got my nina then you know im straight trippin and imma continue to put the rap down put the mack down and if you bitches talk shit ill have to put the smack down yeah and you dont stop i told you im just like a clock when i tick and i tock but im never off always on to the break of dawn compton and the city they call long beach putting the shit together like my nigga doc no one can do it better