whenever i call you friend


kenny loggins stevie nicks miscellaneous whenever i call you friend whenever i call you friend i begin to think i understand anything we are you and i have always been ever and ever i see myself within your eyes and thats all i need to show me why everything i do always takes me home to you ever and ever now i know my life has given me more than memories day by day we can see in every moment theres a reason to carry on sweet love showin us a heavenly light ive never seen such a beautiful sight sweet love flowin almost every night i know forever well be doin itright whenever i call you friend i believe ive come to understand everywhere we are you and i were meant to be forever and ever i think about the times to come knowin i will be the lucky one ever our love will last i always want to call you friend sweet lovesweet love youre the glowing light in my life the source of pride in my life everything i do takes me back to you